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Compliance DashBoard

Comprehensive Comparison of all your returns filed under GST to give an early warning of any possible NOTICE.

2A Reconcilation With Books

Fastest Invoice wise reconciliation available today with predictive models and options to edit and maintain record online.

Smart Audit Checklist

Conduct Internal audit with dynamic questions and intuitive checklist for continuous evaluation of compliances.

Maintain Online Record

All your return uploaded shall be maintained online for lifetime access.

Sample Report


Government has been issuing notices for mismatches between returns filed by Registered persons. To avoid such notices it is advisable to reconcile returns on monthly basis.

Such reconciliation is necessary to ensure that all the credit claimed is actually valid and is any credit has been missed.
As per our observation it usually takes 3-4 working days of a high level employee to reconcile some of the aspects of returns. However our tool reconciles more than 2000 data points within seconds.

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How we work

The Process

  • Compare
  • 2A vs Books
  • API & Uploads
  • Checklist
  • Maintenance
Comprehensive Intra Return Comparison

GST Dashboard provides you all the possible differences that can be highlighted by Government and provides reason for same.

  • Sales mapping in GSTR-3B and GSTR-1
  • Output tax mapping
  • Input tax mapping and month wise liability and payment charts
  • Consolidated GSTR-3B and GSTR-1
  • Numerical and Graphical analysis
2A vs Books

2A vs Books helps you reconcile your books with GSTR-2A and reduces your effort and time in reconciliation, maintenance and updation.

  • Invoice wise mapping with books
  • Predictive models to map similar but not identical invoices (beating Vlookup Barrier)
  • Manual match and unmatch options
  • Advanced filters for more analytical view.
  • Party wise and Month wise reconciliation.
  • Summary Dashboard
GST API and File Uploads

Pull data from GST portal or upload your returns and get professional analysis of your returns in minutes.

  • Pull data from your GST portal at a click.
  • Upload PDF files for GSTR-3B & GSTR-1 and Excel for GSTR-2A, as downloaded from GST portal without any modification.
  • Re-upload features for revised and updated files.
GST Audit Checklist

GST audit checklist provides you questions on various aspects of your business.

  • Business intelligence checklist for knowing the applicable compliances
  • In-depth questionnare for internal audit and checking compliance level
  • Yearly checklist
Reconciliation of 2A with 3B and it’s Maintenance

Maintaining record of which invoice was considered when for claiming input tax can be tricky. This module helps you perform and maintain these reconciliations online.

  • Display of all the invoices in 2A
  • Option to select month and year of it's claim
  • Dashboard for tracking the revisions
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